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Language Festival Association is a non-profit organisation. The main objectives for which the Language Festival Association has been formed are: to promote language diversity in Australia and raise awareness about endangered languages. Our festivals demonstrate the advantages of being multilingual, emphasises the ideas that all languages are equally important and valuable, provides an educational taster of multiple languages and cultures in a fun environment.

Our events

Keynote Speakers

Learn from these great speakers

Greg Cooper
Linguist and Editor

Greg specialises in linguistics, English, and south and west Asian languages, for the quality and standards agency that regulates and registers Australian universities.

Richard Delamore
Teacher of Esperanto and English

During MLF 2017 Richard will present a historic insight in the darker side of Esperanto, he will mainly focus on the Ido crisis of the early 19th century

Dr Alan Libert
Senior lecturer, University of Newcastle

Alan is a linguist with a specialisation in artificial languages. He is a a regular contributor to both the Journal of Universal Language and the Australian Journal of Linguistics.

10+ languages will be presented at the festival, including:


Kalasha, Tamil, Bangla, German, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Russian and more

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Great educational event

Martin Richards

Attendee - SLF2016

I learned about some exotic languages

Marianne Harvey

Student - UNSW

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